Who we are

Mycosource Inc. is the owner/operator of Fun Guy Farm, located 60 kms. from downtown Toronto.

We are a commercial operation for the production of spawn for Shiitake and Oyster mushroom cultivation on outdoor logs. As well as Oyster and Reishi spawn/grow blocks for cultivation indoors or in controlled outdoor settings.

We are a small, niche business.  We supply sawdust spawn for Shiitake and Oyster and Reishi during the outdoor log inoculation season from April until June.  We start taking orders in January/February and we do not closely monitor email orders during summer and fall months.

We strive to supply vigorous spawn to help you have a successful operation or project, whether you are a hobby or a small commercial grower.

Fun Guy Farm is a supplier to commercial growers and hobby growers. We supply; grain spawn of various species for inoculating bags, bottles, or outdoor “beds” of substrate; and sawdust spawn of various species for log inoculation.  For small commercial growers we supply, on a contract basis, larger quantities of spawn, ready-to-fruit substrates, and inoculated logs. We also supply equipment such as drills and bits.  We can no longer supply consultation services or on-site visits unless some specific, special arrangement is made.  We also no longer give workshops.  Instead we refer our customers to information on our website as well as other sources of information including the following links:  We will try to keep our references updated when we find out about new and expanding programs at Canadian and American institutions.

Cornell Small Farms Program