Customer Pick-up & Demo Days at Fun Guy Farm

Pick-Up and Demo Days 2018 will be Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, 11:00 am until 4:00 pm we will meet & greet and answer questions and perform ad-hoc demos of how to inoculate hardwood logs.

To pick up pre-ordered spawn for outdoor shiitake and oyster mushroom cultivation and pre-ordered inoculated hardwood logs.  When you confirm your order we will supply a diagram / map to Fun Guy Farm.

These pick-up days will be open exclusively for customers at no charge.  Customers can visit the farm to pick up spawn and/or pre-inoculated logs and, at the same time, tour the farm, see a demonstration inoculation, purchase equipment, and ask questions – the ‘fun guy’ will be there.  This format allows you to avoid shipping costs on your order and to see first hand how hardwood logs are inoculated and managed for the spawn run and for harvesting.   You will get the key information that we have presented in a workshop format in the past including printed materials/instruction sheets to take away. Please note that we are no longer selling books; available at We refer our customers to the Cornell University website mentioned on our homepage for comprehensive information about outdoor log cultivation.

It is advised that you do some research prior to pick up so that you are prepared with questions about your specific concerns. We will provide printed materials for spawn use and log management when you place your order and we encourage you to read it.  Further information about the log inoculation process and about log management is available on the Cornell University website and there are a number of other websites with valuable information and videos.  We recommend the books “The Shiitake Growers Handbook” by Paul Przybylowicz, John Donoghue and “Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms” by Paul Stamets.  Armed with some basic information you will be in a position to ask pertinent questions about specific details concerning your project. Of course, we will be prepared to answer your questions and to assist you in every way that we can no matter what your level of understanding.  We will be happy to answer your questions about storage, packaging, and marketing as well. You can purchase bits and adaptors while supplies last (best to order these when you place your order for spawn).  As a customer we hope to see you at one of our pick-up/demo days) so that we have a chance to chat and to point out important details that will help you achieve success with your mushroom cultivation project.

Dates and Hours:  11:00 – 4:00 on April 28 & 29 .
Location:   Fun Guy Farm.  Approximately 5 kilometers south of Goodwood, Ontario

Investment:  These open houses are extended as a free service to our customers.  We want you to have a successful project.

Note that large spawn orders should ideally placed by March 15. Smaller orders can be placed as late as April.  Please confirm your preferred pick up date by mid April and quote your invoice #. We will provide detailed directions to Fun Guy Farm at that time.