Custom Sterilization

Tired of using the All American sterilizer to sterilize 1 or 2 bags of substrate at a time?
Want to spend your time doing something more creative than waiting for “the cook” to finish?
Time is money.

Take advantage of our custom sterilization service

Our small autoclave holds 32 – 2.5 kg bags of substrate for custom sterilization

  • We can supply organic rye grain and sterilize it for $10.00 per bag
  • Minimum order is 30 bags
  • Substrate is sterilized in autoclavable bags with filter patches
  • Bags can be sealed or open and will be double bagged and boxed
  • You can also supply us with substrate of your choice and we will sterilize it

Call Bruno at 416 402 9755 to discuss custom sterilization