Mushroom growing equipment and supplies

Autoclavable Bags

We are no longer supplying autoclave bags.  We refer our Canadian customers to the Canadian distributor for Unicorn bags:

What the Fungus

Penticton BC


Angle Grinder Adaptors and Drill Bits

Adapters allow you to mount your bit onto an angle grinder and use it as a modified high-speed drill.  Angle grinders generally run at 10,000 rpm and will make drilling your logs much faster and easier.  Angle grinders are moderately priced and easily available.  Adaptors fit a 5/8″ diameter spindle — generally 41/2″ long and 11 threads per inch. They have been designed to fit most makes and models of angle grinders currently available in North America.

The adapters will fit onto your grinder ‘spindle’ (tighten with appropriate size ‘allen key’) and will take a drill bit on the other end.  both a 12.5 mm and a 13.5 mm bit  can be used with the adapter.

FYI:  12mm = .4724 inches  and  13.5 mm = .5118 inches

A  drill bit with a depth stop (such as shown in the picture)  is recommended. It is made specifically for log mushroom cultivation. It augers out the sawdust from the hole and throws it out as it is drilling, leaving a clean hole. A normal wood drill bit  can work but is a secondary choice.  Bits without a depth stop can be fitted with a collar to provide the depth stop, however collars can be difficult to attach and tighten onto the bit.

Angle Grinder Adaptor and Drill Bit with depth stop

Adapter allows you to mount your bit on an angle grinder and use it as a modified  high-speed drill ( 10,000 rpm)

USA made adaptor …………………. $ 55.00 + tax

CND made adaptor ………………… $45.00 + tax

Drill Bit with a depth stop 

2 sizes:

12.5 mm for use with thumb and palm style manual inoculators  ……………………..  $ 28.50 + tax

13.5 mm for use with Styrofoam caps and for use with the Okuda “Stick” and  “Hand Inoculator” and can also be used with the thumb and palm style inoculators  ……………………….. $30.50 +tax

(we are supplying only the 13.5mm Styrofoam caps; we are not supplying the Stick and Hand inoculators which must be ordered from Field & Forest Products Inc.)

(bits can be sharpened with a diamond or carborundum file)

Inoculation Tools

Thumb Style Brass Inoculator

Thumb Inoculator   Use with one hand – grip and plunge/press with your thumb; solid brass; durable;  made in USA; replacement spring & tip sets available. ………………… $60.00/price subject to change

Palm Inoculator – hold with one hand & press/plunge with palm of the other hand.  Solid brass; made in USA; replacement spring & tip sets available.  $60.00 + HST.   looks exactly like the Thumb tool, above.

Note: we are not supplying Palm Tools in 2022

Styrofoam caps – to seal the inoculation holes.  Available in two sizes – 12.5mm and 13.5mm ………………../ $0.01/per cap

Order caps based on size of drill bit and on the number of logs you are inoculating based on average of 50 inoculation holes per log

Wax – cheese wax to seal insertion holes.  Rule of thumb is that you need 1 kilo of wax for each 2.5 kilo bag of spawn

$15/kilo (enough for up to 25 logs or a 2.5 kilo bag of spawn)