We no longer carry books because you can order via and other internet sites.  There are many excellent  wild mushroom identification guides available as well as books about Kombucha and medicinal mushrooms.  For mushroom cultivation outdoors on hardwood logs we recommend “The Shiitake Growers Handbook” by Przybylowicz and Donoghue as well as “Growing Shiitake in a Continental Climate” by Krawcyk and Kozak (currently out of print).  “Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms” by Paul Stamets contains chapters detailing indoor and outdoor cultivation on both Shiitake and Oyster. There are internet sites with quite a bit of information on mushroom cultivation.  For information about kombucha we recommend “Kombucha: healthy beverage from the Far East” by Gunther Frank as well as “Kombucha Rediscovered!” by Klaus Kaufmann (Alive Books). You will find comprehensive information about Kombucha on the internet at and other sites.

Custom sterilization

We will custom sterilize bags of your substrate recipe (grain, sawdust etc.). Minimum order required. contact us by e-mail


Inoculated logs for your backyard or cottage.  See the picture of Shiitake below. Please note that we do not provide raw logs for inoculation.  If you are planning to do an inoculation project you must secure your own logs.  Logs should be cut after leaf fall in the autumn and before leaf bud in the spring; they can ‘rest’ over the winter laying off the ground on a skid or other device to keep them off the ground, covered with snow.  Do not leave exposed logs in full sunlight during the winter — cover with burlap or a tarp that can ‘breathe’.



Spawn is the name for the mushroom inoculant which is a culture of fungal mycelium grown out on various media such as sawdust. For log growers we have bulk sawdust spawn. For sawdust block growers we have grain or sawdust spawn.

To ship spawn outside of Continental North America you will likely have to obtain a phyto-sanitary certificate from the applicable agency in order to import live spawn.  This should be done before we ship so that your spawn won’t be held at customs.  Spawn is a living fungus and is subject to deterioration and death if held for too long. Ordering a live culture for propagation is another option.  Importing a live culture may also require appropriate certification but may pass through customs more easily.  Shipping by international courier.

For European customers please contact Menno Haveman or Sjoerd”s Shiitake in Holland

Ordering Procedures

Prices quoted are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Orders must be prepaid either by check/money order or by interac e-transfer.  Shipping is extra via Canada Post or UPS. Canadian residents are subject to HST on equipment and supplies and on shipping. Please contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you with a quote. We will need full address information in order to calculate shipping charges.

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