References for Mushroom Information

References for information about mushrooms & mushroom cultivation




Mycosource Inc.

21 Maple Avenue

Toronto  ON

M4W 2T5




Cornell University extension service and the University of Vermont support this blog/website that is absolutely fantastic.  There is a “North East Mushroom Growers Network” that has a downloadable Pdf file on “Best Practices for Mushroom

Cultivation”.   You can join the network a/o you can download this manual.  Don’t miss this information source.


Southern New Brunswick Woodlot Co-op.  They have information about cultivating Shiitake on hardwood logs on their website and they have an active and on-going inoculation project.  One of their members, Jamie Floyd, acts as our agent for NB and eastern Canada and you can place an order for spawn plugs with him if you want to hook into this network of growers and woodlot owners.  Of course you can place an order directly with us and we will ship plugs to you.  We ship throughout  Canada.


Fungi Perfecti LLC

P.O. Box 7634-MGN

Olympia  WA  98507


1-800-780-9126  or 360- 426-9292


The Mycophile, newsletter of the

North American Mycological Association

336 Lenox Avenue

Oakland  CA  94610-4675


Mycological Society of Toronto





Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter

The Mushroom Company

P.O. Box 5065

Klamath Falls  OR  97601






“Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms” by Paul Stamets (of Fungi Perfecti)

This is considered to be the definitive book on mushroom cultivation.  All aspects of cultivation for many species. (


“Growing Shiitake in a Continental Climate” by Mary Ellen Kozak and Joe Krawczyk Published by Field & Forest Products, Inc., Peshtigo  WI  54157  USA. (available from Mycosource Inc.)


“The Shiitake Growers Handbook” by Paul Przybylowicz and John Donoghue. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. (available from Mycosource Inc.)


“The Shiitake Way” by Jennifet Snyder.The Book Publishing Company, Summertown  TN  USA. (


“Mushroom Cultivation” 3rd edition by Peter Oei. Backhuys Publishers


“Mushrooms: cultivation, Nutritional Value, Medicinal Effect, and Environmental Impact” Second edition by Shu-Ting Chang and Philip G. Miles.  CRC Press. (


“Mushroom for Color” by Miriam C. Rice.  Mad River Press, Inc. Eurika  CA  USA. (


“The Mushroom Cookbook” edited by Nicola Hill.  General Publishing Co. Ltd., Don Mills, ON  Canada.


“Wild About Mushrooms” by Louise Freedman.  The Mycological Society of San Francisco.  Aris Books, Berkeley,  CA   USA.  (