Sawdust spawn plugs

SAWDUST SPAWN PLUGS – as of March 2023 we are not able to supply this product.  We hope to do so in the future but materials (the plastic well sheets and the styrofoam cap sheets) for producing these SAWDUST SPAWN PLUG sheets are unavailable in reasonable quantities from suppliers in Korea – can only be ordered in very large quantities. Furthermore it is impossible to rely on their availability going forward. Materials that we have been able to obtain from other sources did not perform as desired.  We regret that we cannot supply this product at this time.  We plan to actively search for alternative sources for appropriate and reliable materials and we will post on this site when we will again be able to supply this product in which we invested quite a lot of resources. 

Spawn plug sheet photo
Spawn plug sheet photo
Spawn plugs

You can now get sawdust spawn in the form of plugs backed with a styrofoam cap. Just pop each plug out of its holder in the sheet and insert it into the pre-drilled hole in the log with your fingers.

Each sheet contains 600 plugs. Enough to do at least 10 to 15  logs that are 4 feet long and 4″ to 8″ diameter.

1 sheet CDN $45.00

2- 5 sheets  CDN$ 40.00/sheet

6-10 sheets per species CDN$ 37.50 /sheet

11-20 sheets per species CDN$ 35.00 /sheet

21-35 sheets per species CDN$ 32.50 / sheet

36-50 sheets per species CDN$ 30.00/ sheet

51-75 sheets per species CDN$ 27.50 /sheet

over 75 sheets per species CDN$ 25.00/ sheet

Shipping extra. We ship via Canada Post in Canada and via UPS to the USA.

Contact us for quotes on larger orders

This picture shows the development of the spawn in the log using sawdust spawn versus wooden dowel spawn.  The log on the top has been inoculated with SAWDUST SPAWN (which we produce in both loose and plug format). These logs were inoculated at the same time. The sawdust spawn runs more quickly through the sapwood of logs inoculated with sawdust spawn and will “fruit” earlier than those inoculated with dowel spawn.

Available for delivery –  April until the end of May

Custom or off-season orders subject to minimum quantity & surcharge

Plug Spawn Use Instructions